WWW servers on Windows95

This is just a brief experience of what I did to install WWW server for Windows 95 for my notebook. WWW server for Linux is pretty straight :).

What to do for just a web server?

  1. Get the WWW server software. The one I used is Apache Web Server version 1.3.6.
  2. Install it :) ---> you should have the Web Server running with out any problem. Don't forget to set the "http.conf"

What to do for running Perl-CGI?

  1. Get the Perl software. The one I used is Perl for Win32 from ActivePerl
  2. Setup the Perl software
  3. Make sure that the first line of your script points to the location that your perl is stored, e.g. !#/program/perl/bin/perl

What to do for running C-CGI?

  1. Get the C Compiler software.
  2. Compile and it should run.

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