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After talking with many people, it seems to me that there are many places that haven't used their computers and networks resources as much as the money they paid. Many of them haven't used their resources because of business agreement, money or just political reasons. Specially in my country where there are many limitation for overseas access. I wrote these pages by hoping that they are useful to somebody.

Following ideas, assume that you or whoever have at least a computer and some kind of connections (telephone line, direct connected) which are based on the Internet technology. The following should be general enough to implement on many kind of network protocol, but I am going to base on TCP/IP (the most popular protocol for the Internet).

The main reason that I base on the Internet protocol is the rich supports and resources. There are many documents, software, and hardware available (for free). You always find that many things you need are implemented and can be used.

I cannot guarantee that all stuffs here are new on this earth, since I haven't do any literature surveys. It seems to be new from my head point of view. One more thing about legal stuff, I will try my best not to be illegal. Names which appear in here may be faked. There are no intended to defeat anyone by anyhow.

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