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Professional License

14Feb.2005- License for Professional Practice (Fellow Electrical Engineer: Electrical Engineer)
29June2010- 2012 Buidings inspection service by engineer with license from Department of Public Works and Town and County Planning Ministry of Interior,Thailand
13Jan.1994- 13Feb.2005 License for Professional Practice (Associate Electrical Engineer: Electrical Engineer)

Academics Position

June2000-Dec.2015 Assistant Professor (Electrical Engineering) ABAC
June1998-May2000 Lecture ABAC

Administrative Position

June2012-Dec.2015 Dean, School of Engineering, ABAC
Nov.2006-May2012 Chairperson of Mechatronics Engineering Department, School of Engineering, ABAC
May2000-Oct.2006 Chairperson of Computer Engineering Department, School of Engineering, ABAC
Mar.1999-Apr.2000 (interim) Director of Broadband Telecommunication Engineering Program, School of Engineering, ABAC

Work Experiences

June1998-Dec.2015 Instructor, School of Engineering, ABAC (Linear and Nonlinear Systems, Feedback Control Systems, Discrete Mathematics, Network Applications, Introduction to Computer Systems)
Mar.2000-Oct.2002 Technical Consultant of Automatic Observation Systems and DTS (UNIX based) of Thai Meteorological Department, Royal Thai Government.
May1996-May1998 Researcher (Computer & Network), Global-problematique Education Network Initiative (GENIe) project, UNESCO/ CWRU joint sponsored project
Sep.1995-May1998 Unix Administrator, Department of Systems and Control Engineer, CWRU
June1995-Aug.1995 Computer Scientist Intern, Department of Export Promotion, the Royal Thai Government
Aug.1994-May1995 Computer Laboratory Assistant, Department of Computer Science, BSU
May1993-Dec.1993 Electrical Engineer, Engineering Department, ABB Industry, Thailand
Mar.1992-May1992 Engineering Trainee, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT)

Honors & Awards

Excellent Research Project in the year 2005, by The Thailand Research Fund (National Research Project : Rubber), 2005
Portable Cure Meter for Rubber
St. Hillaire Award (3rd Class) by Assumption University, 2002
for the contribution and distinction in academic writing
Consolation Award in the year 1999, by Thailand Research Council, 1999
Telecontrol (8051): Home automation through power-line

Research Area

Jan.2001- Network Applications (TCP/IP, CAN, PLC)
Feb.1999- Automation, Computer-based Control and Measurement of Industrial Systems
Jan.1999- Power Electronics Products (Motor Drive, UPS, Capacitor Bank, Battery Charger): Microcontroller, TI Digital Signal Processor
Dec.1998- Embedded Systems: FPGA, CPLD, Microcontroller, DSP
Dec.1998-Dec.2001 MRP & ERP software for Small & Medium Bussiness

Computer Skills

Computer Platforms UNIX (Linux, Solaris/Sparc, Solaris/x86, SunOS4), PC-DOS, MS-Windows (3.1, 95, NT, XP, .Net Framework), Macintosh, Microcontroller (MSP430, ATMEL AVR, 68HC11, 68HC08, 8051, Z80), DSP (TI320C2000, TI320C5000), Palm OS, PLC
Computer Language C/C++ (standard, wxWidget, openCV), C#, PowerScript (PowerBuilder), PASCAL, JAVA, LISP, ASSEMBLY (Z80, 8086), FORTRAN, BASIC, PROLOG, ADA, PHP, Perl
Networking Local Network Setup (TCP/IP and Microsoft Networks), Subscriber Gateway (NAT, Nomadix), Internet Server (HTTPd, WebSite, POP), WWW document (HTML, CGI-SCRIPT, JAVA-script, PERL)
Application Software Acquisition and Control (LabVIEW), CAD (AutoCAD, PrimeMEDUSA), Database (DBase, Access, SQL Server), Mathematics (MATLAB, Mathematica), Simulation (ARENA/SIMAN, Simulink, SLAM, PSpice), etc.

Systems & Control Skills

  • Signal Processing
  • Systems Analysis and design
  • Decision Analysis
  • Optimization
  • Reliability & Risk Analysis
  • Data Analysis and Acquisition
  • Distributed Control Systems
  • Microprocessor Based Control Systems
  • Motor Drives (ABB)


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